The Doers

“I love stories about people who aren’t afraid to take a chance and give of themselves. I share with you the story of Vincente Pagalli, the name behind our brand whose skills and generosity of spirit inspires us to make beautiful quality leather products that you can use every day. It’s your journey too, enjoy it!”

- Mauro Beck, Head Doer

Wallets – we all have them – they are one of our most indispensable accessories. Our credit cards, ID’s and other electronically accessible information – all tucked away in our wallets - travel with us wherever we go. Today’s cards make it super easy to pay for things – simply wave your card and voila- purchase completed. This convenience is great, but it puts us at risk of ID theft and fraud. This is a real danger - and a growing problem. 

Introducing The Pagalli Project

Pagalli is one of the few brands in the world to use technology that completely eliminates current RFID/NFC threats. And, we do it in a stylish, hand crafted, environmentally friendly, built to last fashion. Pagalli wallets bring timeless design, innovation and quality – at a fair, honest price. There’s an old saying that “they don’t make things like they used to” – and we’re here to change that. We’re bringing traditional values and thoughtful, artisan craftsmanship to the modern world – and putting them within reach of anyone who appreciates the finer things in life 

The Team

Genuine craftsmanship is in ever increasing demand by consumers who are tired of sub-standard quality products. With that in mind, we are a group of motivated professionals that have taken upon us to create true value. With passion for quality, innovation and material selection, we want to offer customers honest products that hold what they promise, honoring the Vincente Pagalli legacy.


Arthorn Phommanee

R&D Doer


Mauro Beck

Head Doer


Tintin Nilsson

Business Doer


Pakorn Kittiparsart

Design & Innovation Doer


Jakkraphan Thongsirikul

Artwork & Design Doer


Tha-Panan Amatayakul

Artwork & Design Doer