Our Partner in Leather

There are many different leather types and grades out there to choose from, but none comes close to meeting our exacting requirements. So we made our own. It’s called Marchesa Premium leather, and it’s made exclusively for Pagalli in collaboration with Thailand’s VKA tannery.

Marchesa Premium leather is a vegetable-tanned leather that combines tradition with technology in a unique way. Vegetable tanning is a truly ancient craft that requires skill and time – time that is not available to the mass produced, chemically-processed leathers so often used today.

We developed the Marchesa Premium to safeguard the art of vegetable-tanning methods and to create a premium, superior product. The Marchesa process starts with carefully selected raw cow hides. These are then processed with our special mix of natural tanning substances, including Quebracho extract. The exact mixture is our secret, and is the result of year-long trials and tests to achieve the best possible results. Under the skilled hands of the tanner, using pure water and a large helping of patience, the raw hide is transformed into high-quality leather. Soluble dyes give the leather its color and surface structure. Marchesa Premium is a semi-aniline leather, which means that it maintains the leather’s characteristic grain and adds a protective top coat for additional resistance to wear.

Marchesa Premium leather is distinguished by its unique warmth, soft yet tough texture, and distinctive fragrance that invokes a feeling of luxury.