Press Release

Press Release

New Premium, Handcrafted Leather Wallets from The Pagalli Project Contain Strongest ID Theft Protection Available

Certified to Block 100 Percent of All Known RFID/NFC Frequencies

BANGKOK, THAILAND–(Marketwired – Apr 26, 2016) – ID fraud claims a new victim every two seconds. If you are not taking proactive steps to protect the personal information in your wallet, you risk becoming part of this statistic. Featuring industry-leading data theft protection, the new family of wallets from The Pagalli Project is here to help. All Pagalli wallets are 100 percent certified to protect against data theft on all known frequencies. Combining the traditional values of masterful craftsmanship, style and functionality with today’s most innovative technology, a Pagalli RFID-blocking wallet is ideal for today’s lifestyle but has deep roots in the past.

The convenience of simply waving your credit or debit card to complete a purchase comes at a price. This easy pay ability is made possible by RF (radio-frequency) enabled chips, which contain encoded personal information, such as your name, address, Social Security number, phone number, bank account details and more. If your wallet doesn’t contain RFID blocking, you are vulnerable to skimming — a form of electronic pick pocketing. RFID blocking technology is not a new concept, however — most of the RFID/NFC blocking material and products currently available are only able to reduce ‘data leakage’ — not completely block it. Pagalli is one of the few brands in the world to use technology that is certified by an independent body to block 100% of all known RFID/NFC frequencies to eliminate RFID/NFC threats.

The Pagalli Story
The inspiration behind the Pagalli Project — Vincente Pagalli — was an Italian adventurer and entrepreneur. Pagalli had a genuine passion to create truly excellent leather accessories that were beautiful, functional and made with locally sourced materials. He was someone who valued quality and craftsmanship above all else, and the Pagalli Project seeks to carry these values forward in every facet of their wallets’ lifecycle. Read about Vincente Pagalli’s legacy here.

Building a Better Wallet
Pagalli wallets are made from only the finest, carefully selected, sustainable and consciously sourced materials — including their own vegetable-tanned leather developed with a local tannery and the finest Surin Thai silk. This commitment to redefining what a quality wallet should be is further evidenced by the inclusion of the best RFID protection available. Pagalli wallets contain the industry’s leading data theft security foil. To ensure that this innovative technology is applied in the optimum fashion, Pagalli wallets have undergone vigorous testing and certification. The technology used by Pagalli wallets is one of the few blocking foils in the world that is TÜV and ASTM certified and completely blocks 100 percent of all known frequencies.

The Pagalli Project is dedicated to creating not only premium, handcrafted goods, but also a manufacturing community that thrives through excellence of craft and pride of work. Pagalli works hand in hand with direct suppliers and partners, removing all middlemen and distributors. Pagalli products are created honestly and under fair conditions — and the brand stands behind them. All Pagalli wallets come with a lifetime warranty.

Pagalli’s unwavering commitment to quality is apparent from the moment your wallet arrives — all packaging is made from upcycled leather fibers, elegantly hand stitched and closed with a wax seal.

Premium Craftsmanship — Without Premium Prices
Timeless design, innovation, and functionality doesn't have to cost more. Because everything is directly sourced and carefully planned to achieve the highest cost efficiencies, Pagalli wallets are offered at affordable prices. The brand maintains a direct manufacturing environment where it operates its own production lines.

“You’ve heard it said that ‘they just don’t make things like they used to’ — we created The Pagalli Project to change that,” noted Mauro Beck, head doer, The Pagalli Project. “Our family of wallets is passionately designed to hearken back to a time when it was possible to buy an exceptionally well made product at a fair price — while incorporating the finest protection features available today.”

The family of Pagalli Project products includes the Leonardo and Moderno wallets and the Vincente passport holder. All are now available for pre-order on Indiegogo starting at $19 for early adopters. First units are slated to ship in June 2016. Please visit Indiegogo for all of the details.

About The Pagalli Project
With focus on quality, innovation and genuine premium materials, The Pagalli Project is on a mission to create high-quality leather accessories. In response to poorly made products flooding the market, the brand’s entrepreneurial mission is to prove that it is possible to make a handcrafted quality product at a fair price. The Pagalli Project, based in Bangkok, offers customers honest products that hold what they promise, honoring the legacy of Vincente Pagalli — an Italian leather craftsman with a genuine passion to create products that were beautiful, functional and made with consciously sourced materials. The Pagalli Project is committed to quality and has selected industry-leading partners to produce their products — including VKA tannery, Surin Thai Silk, and Krusell Thailand Co., Ltd., an OEM project manufacturing company with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supply chain solutions. To learn more, visit, like The Pagalli Project on Facebook or follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.