Our Design

A common essential in everyday life is the wallet. An accessory, that is virtually indispensable and a trusted companion. Every day we are using our credit cards, our ID’s, Starbuck cards and other electronically accessible information – all tucked away in our wallets. At the same time, we are exposing ourselves to the danger of ID theft and fraud. Not only is the danger real; it is an increasing risk and a growing problem. Far too many products are said to give protection when in fact, it is an empty promise, providing a false sense of security to you!

Elegantly Engineered Design

Slim is in. With innovative storage solutions, we made sure to achieve an optimal storage factor in the slimmest design. You can be assured that you will have a perfect slim form factor while packing the same amount of credit-, ID cards, cash, and keys or more as you are used to.
Premium leather handcrafted to perfection. Slim and modern for the adventurous lifestyle.