Our Leather


When it comes to the selection of important elements such as a premium leather, we exclusively work carefully with selected tanneries, in order to meet our products demands and requirements. Situated in Tuscany Italy, where we source most of our premium material, these tanneries are true Masters of their trade, dating back many generations. They produce some of the finest leather, we could find, with quality characteristics that simply stand out.


Our leather represents modern, clean technologies with an ancient craft that requires skills, knowledge, and patience to produce a superior product. Pagalli wants to be a part of safeguarding the art of vegetable-tanned methods and actively work with tanneries to produce a sustainable, quality material with unique characteristics. The result is a product with a subtle warmth, soft yet tough, elegant and long lasting, with a distinctive fragrance that invokes a feeling of luxury. Pagalli wants to offer you more than a product, a companion that ages beautifully and stays with you throughout.

High quality premium marchesa leather only for Pagalli


A product’s quality is not only defined through exclusive material or intelligent design. To be a complete product it needs to be manufactured with excellence of craft and pride of work. We manufacture Pagalli products in our own facilities to ensure that each product is created with care and skills. Our workers are constantly trained and they are proud to be part of the Pagalli.